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Meet Hidemyass!
And find out who Jack really is and why he’s on a mission to keep you secure online. In the beginning…
There was a sofa, a 16 year old boy and an idea…
Founded by Jack Cator back in 2005, on a random afternoon when he decided to build a web proxy website as a way to get round his school firewalls (like you do), he quickly discovered a huge number of people out there were after exactly what he’d built. From 1 to 400 million (and a donkey)
Now a member of the Avast family, we’re part of the largest and most trusted security company in the world. With over 400 million users out there (and at least one donkey), each helping to make our network stronger against the bad guys, you know you’ll be in safe hands (or hooves).
So just who is Jack?
OK so it’s the name of our founder, but probably more importantly, it’s the name of our ass (or donkey). And of course we expect you to know that all male donkeys are called Jack. He’s a pretty private donkey as you can imagine and he’s constantly off on his ‘Internet Freedom’ mission but we do know this about him…


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