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Pneus Online was the first website to sell tyres in France. Since 2001, our constant goal has been to win consumers' trust. This is due to our special history. For us, professionalism is lead by the passion for our work. Pneus-Online was founded in April 2001 by Alexis Nerguisian, information technology consultant, specialized in banking software and a sports car race fan. The idea of creating Pneus-Online was born from a real need of its founder, who used to see his tyres "melt" at the end of every race. He then began looking for a way to pay less for his tyres. Why not buy them online? This was a bold step back in 2001, when Internet companies were going through a downturn, and Alexis Nerguisian had trouble finding supporters for his idea among friends and family. The partners weren't so confident either. How to trust someone with such a daring project? Following this revolutionary idea, Alexis Nerguisian struggled every day for almost a year to develop what was to become France's first online tyre sales company. The website was not even officially launched when the first order was placed, dispelling the gloomy forecasts. Very quickly, Pneus-Online was a victim of its own success. The company had to expand rapidly and has continued to do so since 2001.


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